UPDATE We are NOT opening the sanctuary July 19!

We were sent to our homes on March 16th when our Governor gave the shelter-in-place order. We’ve all learned so much in that time. We have learned that we are vulnerable to sickness but able to remain safe. We’ve learned that limits of what is expected of us to care for our neighbor has again grown to include new behaviors, language and expectations. We’ve learned that God can and will continue to provide the Gospel to us, when we are unable to come find it the physical space of the Church and that indeed, God cannot be contained by the walls of any building…even our Church walls.

Paul says to the Philippian Church:

“..this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best…”

The connection between love and discernment is the ability to make good, right and community-minded decisions while upholding the needs of the individual without stepping on the needs of the group or vice versa. That is a difficult task and it requires discernment.

UPDATE July 16, 2020

As a result of this week’s order from the State of California to close houses of worship, we will not be able to worship in-person this coming weekend, July 19th though we had hoped to do so. This news is frustrating and disappointing. Once again, we are asked to be flexible and to exercise love and discernment.
It remains to be the collective voice of the LCMS to abide by the policies given to us by the State especially in light of the terrible news that the Corona Virus has taken over 135,000 American to date. For these reasons we cannot have anyone in attendance at worship.
We will continue to keep you up to speed with changes affecting Sunday morning worship and the life of our congregation. For the time being, please do not come to Sunday morning worship unless you are participating in worship as a reader, cantor or technical support.
Holy Communion 
Beginning this Sunday, July 19th, we will be serving Communion car-side. If you would like to receive the Eucharist please plan to arrive at the church between 11-12noon. Pull into a parking spot on School Street, wait in your car and I will deliver the cup and the wafer to your window. Please wear a face-covering or a face-shield. I will do the same.
There are several congregates that live within walking distance, please also plan to walk-through and receive communion if you’d like. I will have the sidewalk marked appropriately. Please note all signage and arrive with a face-covering.
Though we cannot worship in-person together, I want the congregation to receive the Body and Blood of Christ and the assurance of his forgiveness and mercy. Please make time on Sunday morning to do so. God’s mercy and grace will sustain us all in a time when we cannot enjoy in-person fellowship.
May God bless your day. Maranatha!
Pastor Jake

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