Serving our Neighbor


The gifts which we receive from God each week at His Divine Service give us the grace and faith we need to reach out to our family, friends, and neighbors through our many and varied Christian vocations. The word vocation comes from the Latin verb “vocare” which means “to call.” God has given each of His children unique abilities and circumstances as gifts through which He calls them to serve others in Christian love. Grace Lutheran Church provides many opportunities for its members to use their time, money, and talents to confess their love for others and their faith in Christ through lives lived in Christian vocation. For more information on any of the outreach opportunities listed below contact the church office by phone at 805-925-3818, or send us an email using the church’s contact page.

Good Samaritan Shelter Meal: On the fourth Wednesday each month our congregation prepares and serves a meal at the Good Samaritan Shelter in Santa Maria. This is an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through a wonderful work of mercy for less fortunate people in our community. Members can participate by providing, preparing, and/or serving food. Meal preparation begin around 4:00 P.M. Last line-Food service begins around 6:00 P.M. and concludes around 7:30 P.M

Casa Grande Bible Study: Each week Pastor Magdiel leads a study focused on a particular book of the New Testament. The study meets on Fridays at 1P.M. in the clubhouse at the Casa Grande Mobile Estate Park. This study is open to public and studies the Bible from a Lutheran perspective. The study provides an opportunity for members at Grace to meet people of other Christian confessions and even witness to non-believers. They are working through the Gospel of Luke, and it’s connection throughout the Bible.e65516d45f884bd76f435bf790069139

Mexico Mission Trip: Each year our congregation works with Lutheran Border Concerns Ministries to help build houses and distribute Spanish Bibles to Mexican families in the city of Tijuana. The trip is a unique opportunity to proclaim Christ’s Gospel in word and deed while gaining valuable insights regarding the people and culture of Mexico. Members can participate in the mission by traveling to Tijuana to aid in home construction or by providing money and materials. Check out the slide show below to see some highlights from our Mexico mission trip in October of 2012.