8/14 Wildfire Update and Donation Information
Firefighters continue to battle wildfires across California. Pastor Brian Cummins reports the following regarding the fires near Redding:
  • Of the 1077 homes destroyed, Trinity, Redding members had no homes destroyed; only five damaged.
  • One family is currently displaced.
As a result, Trinity members are feeling very blessed and are freed up to help take care of emotional and physical needs to the people in their community. One way they are helping is by sifting through debris. Trinity members are feeling exhausted but uplifted through stories of hope.
The Carr fire has burned 207,000 acres and is 65% contained as of 8/14/18. Seven individuals (three firefighters) have died because of this fire.
Click here for recent map graphics and information.
Your prayers are essential. Pray:
• That people would turn to Jesus for comfort, assurance and hope. May those who are serving on
the ground bring Jesus to them.
• For safety for the first responders.
• For effective strategies for all relief agencies.
You can assist with your gift.
• Even though damage assessments are pending, it is certain that dollars will be needed for thelengthy recovery process that is ahead. You may donate as an individual and/or as a congregation to the CNH District Disaster Relief Fund.
Checks may be made payable to the “CNH District Disaster Relief Fund” and sent to:
CNH District LCMS
2772 Constitution Drive, Suite A
Livermore, CA 94551
• Or, give online at the District website (www.cnh-lcms.org) and click on “Donate Now.”
For information on how to donate for victims of the wildfires in California and the volcano disaster in Hawaii, please scroll down to the Disaster Relief Connections section of the InTouch Newsletter.