October 15th was a great day.

Everything started on Saturday the 14th. Concordia University students arrived at Grace,  we were waiting for them with great joy.

Few families from Grace Lutheran were able to host students at their homes.

I had 6 students staying with me. It was really fun, we had great conversations.

As I had mentioned to our Congregation earlier, we enjoyed the visit of Angels, messengers who bring good news of Christ, even through Music.

Sunday Oct. 15th. we got up early to have Divine Service V. The sinfonietta had some instrumentalist accompanying during the Service. Such a blessing and our Church choir also did a great job.

Dr. James Bachman deliver the message that morning.After Service we headed towards the fellowship hall, we had Tri- Tip Santa Maria style.

By 1:00 pm, every one was ready, we welcome visitors from sister Congregations, the community, family and friends, some came from far to see their fellow students.

As the Concert  built up we got to hear that glorious Mighty fortress, a magical moment. We closed the Concert singing, the Churches One Foundation.

I keep hearing from friends and sister Churches how great this event was.

It was a fine and blessed day.

Thanks be to God.


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